The records of government are the property of the people. It's time we reclaim them.

Liberating government documents is what we do.

We Exposed

The FBI’s earliest known use of classified remote installation anti-encryption malware


The inner workings of the CIA’s spying on the Senate’s investigation of CIA torture


FBI efforts to secure federal terrorism charges against animal rights activists who expose horrific conditions on factory farms


the FBI’s anti-communist crusade against Nelson Mandela and the anti-apartheid movement


FBI policies to conceal information about electronic surveillance from prosecutors and defendants alike

We exposed

The mechanics and architecture of the FBI, CIA, DOJ, and other agencies' routine and flagrant noncompliance with the Freedom of Information Act.

Our mission is the aggressive pursuit of governmental transparency in the service of democracy.

This sort of work takes real money. To date, most of that money has come from our own pockets. However, in order to successfully expose the Trump administration, we need to scale up, and we simply can no longer afford to financially go it alone.